Should I Use It? Geniux Supplement Review For The Hard Working Entrepenur

Smart drugs, also called nootropics, have gained popularity in the recent past due to the media spotlight on this unique memory enhancement approach. People can now buy these drugs online as they would any other medication. In fact, in some sectors, these drugs are the order of the day. Popular Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dave Asprey, admitted that he takes a handful of smart drugs every morning. In fact, the drugs have cost him more than 300,000 in 15 years.

What Can Smart Drugs Like Geniux Do?

smart drug nootrpicSmart drugs promise to improve performance in a number of ways, and not just by helping the user have a sharper mind. For instance, some will boost focus and memory, but others are supposed to improve energy levels and keep the user energetic throughout the day. Some of these smart drugs will even boost vision.

So, although the name of these drugs may suggest that they are solely focused on enhancing brain performance, the reality is that some of them just ensure that the user is able to have optimum physical performance as they work. It does not matter whether it is during the day or during the night. People trying to burn the midnight oil working, which can come in handy for someone trying to meet a strict deadline, also tend to rely heavily on these drugs.

Because of the help of smart drugs, people are able to put unusual demands on their bodies by working on difficult tasks for up to 20 hours a day for several days in a row without falling apart. Essentially, these drugs push the body’s physical limits so that the user can tailor their optimal physical performance around their schedules, and not the other way round.

Geniux And Other Smart Drugs

Geniux is a natural nootropic that uses 20 different ingredients which come together mixed inside a small capsule as a supplement ready for a quick intake that can give you the vigor required overcome any task that work or ani daily challenge life may throw at you. This supplment only requieres that you take one capsule at the beggining of your day, since according to the manufacturer one capsule contains multiple nootropic that will work fast to give you different benefits. Some of the ingredients used are GABA, Tyrosine, Vinpocetine, Bee pollen, Piracetam, and other essential nutrients and minerals.

Examples Of Smart Drugs
Names like Piracetam, CILTEP and Geniux are well-known among users of these drugs. A drug like Piracetam was discovered over five decades ago. However, with the popularity this peculiar field of health has attracted, there are even lessons online on how people can make their own smart drugs. Some drugs are synthetic, while others are made using natural ingredients.

Why Take The Risk?
For most, the lure of more money is compelling enough to make them resort to the use of smart drugs in order to overcome their physical limits. For some, the drugs help them to have a better quality life since they can do more and avoid failure. Side effects of using these drugs may include headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. Some of the drugs are synthetic, and therefore can have side effects that are yet to be revealed.

Geniux: The Natural Alternative To Nootropics Smart Drugs

Most people would benefit from better mental performance. Fortunately, the use of smart drugs is not the only answer. For instance, by engaging in certain activities, the brain’s performance can improve considerably. Some things that can improve mental performance include physical workouts, avoiding stress, getting enough sleep, and even socializing with friends. Some diets can also help improve brain performance, for instance, green tea and omega-3 fatty acids.

For some, chugging a bunch of smart pills is just a part of daily routine. These drugs help improve mental performance, keep off fatigue, increase focus, and so forth. Some popular drugs have been around for several decades. Some are synthetic, while others are natural. However, some people consider using them something worthwhile. There are even ways to make these drugs at home, as well as simple natural techniques that can improve performance.

Speaking The Language of Becoming an Entrepreneur Using iPAS2 Marketing System

Many people want to start their own business, although this goal can take a lot of work and dedication.

entrepreneur marketingBecoming your own boss takes a certain shift in mindset, from being a traditional full-time employee to the less predictable world of entrepreneurship. It is important to utilize cutting-edge information shared using the new iPAS2 marketing system strategy that will teach you the exact language you need to start becoming an online entrepreneur.

Since only half of new businesses make it to their fifth year, ensuring this shift can help entrepreneurs avoid starting a business that just doesn’t make it.

Practical Tips To Becoming An Entrepreneur

Use these tips and strategies to adjust to this new mindset.

1. Adjust to saying no

Employees usually are expected to be “yes” people who are willing to meet all requests. Managers promote these people and they become known as some of the hardest workers in the business. However, this same approach can be harmful to an entrepreneur. Remember how critical entrepreneurial body language can be to your perceived value and position.

When starting a business, time is short so being a “yes” person isn’t possible in some cases. Instead create priorities and stick to the business agenda.

2. Change ideas about perfection

While detail-orientation is a great skill to have, having an ipas 2 small business or start-up doesn’t usually have the budget or time to get something to perfect so instead focus on doing something well within a certain time frame and certainly within budget. Perfectionism can be a huge liability and slow down a business. As a general rule of thumb, focus on the highest-impact items and accept 80% or less for everything else.

3. Accept long hours

While some people think of entrepreneurs as having four hour work weeks or working from the beach, both of these are not possible during the first years. Most startups require a longer time commitment, so accept long hours and make sure that you’re dedicated to the business. It will be impossible to see results if you’re not completely on board. Remember to always find mentors and supporters who can help further assist your path to greatness. One iPAS2 team building leader Tracey Walker talked about this a lot in her new book on how to build teams and be an entrepreneur who leads those who need more care and attention.

4. Accept multiple roles

Just like a new business owner has to work long hours, it’s also going to be necessary to fill a variety of roles. When you’re the boss, the buck stops with you so you may need to fill in for an employee who’s sick or clean the office. With the reality that it comes down to you, you can’t afford to have an ego.

5. Be prepared for social isolation

When working at a larger company, you may not have enjoyed your colleagues or managers. However, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business and you begin to realize how much you miss having others around. The first few weeks can be especially difficult, especially when working from home. Try moving to a coffee shop or even a shared office and attend local networking events to avoid complete isolation.

6. Be a stickler for the schedule

When moving forward with a new iPAS 2 business, there may not be a set schedule in place, so it may be best to stick to your existing schedule to be more effective pith your time. Being in charge doesn’t mean getting rid of an alarm clock or taking long lunches. Starting a business does mean that you can create your own schedule, but don’t use this as an excuse to slack off. Create your own work schedule that meets productivity needs.

7. Create a fund

While success in a startup does have a great deal with mindset, there are also a few more practical considerations. In short, cash flow is essential. Going from an employee with a regular salary to a self-employed person can be a challenge. Before leaving a job, put together a fund with 3-6 months or even more worth of expenses. This safety net allows people to focus energy on the new business rather than worrying about how to pay the bills.

Also is a good idea to set money aside to advertise your business. Aside from that obvious point, the next generation of entrepreneurs will be very hip and knowledgeable in these areas as it is a necessity moving forward.

Now days technology is more useful than ever to small business owners since you can now take advantage of the internet to market your business or services. A great place to start is by listing your business in the search engines for customer to find out more about your company. If you don’t know how to list your business in Google it can be a good idea to hire an SEO expert or use programs similar to IPAS2 to learn more about how to practically use search engines.

WorldVentures Foundation Teams With Hall-of-Famer to Give Back in Chicago

If what they say is true, and the hallmark of a great company is measured by the level of philanthropy it cultivates within its organization, then WorldVentures certainly makes the cut.

Last month, in partnership with The Nancy Lieberman Foundation and Sport Court, WorldVentures travel club unveiled a beautiful new state-of-the-art basketball court at the Morgan Park Boys & Girls Club of Chicago.

In keeping with their mission of corporate social responsibility, WorldVentures executives have once again shown that they’re committed to helping under-served communities around the globe. This time, it’s inner city kids in Chicago. Young lives will be positively touched by the generosity of the three partners who came together to make the court possible.

Hall-of-Famer Nancy Leiberman Lends Star Quality to Program

The WorldVentures Foundation is proud to work with the Nancy Lieberman Foundation on this project and others like it.

Her nickname was “Lady Magic” on the courts when she played for the WNBA (Dallas Diamonds), and toured the world with the Washington Generals, who are famous opponents of the Harlem Globetrotters. She was the youngest basketball player in Olympic history when she won the silver medal in 1976 in Montreal.

More recently she became the first female coach in the NBA, in 2009. As a hall-of-famer, Ms. Lieberman adds true star quality to the program with WorldVentures, as they work together to bring high-quality basketball courts to kids in underserved areas of the country.

Since 2010, the Nancy Lieberman Foundation and the WorldVentures Foundation have built 13 DreamCourts, from Atlanta to Denver and Austin to Nashville, and now Chicago this past October 2014.

The WorldVenture Foundation

It makes sense for a world travel company to be interested in making the world a better place. Philanthropic measures make an impact in so many ways…

  • on those on the receiving end of the charitable actions of the company
  • on the the employees of WorldVentures who like to work for a company that cares about more than profit
  • on the customers of WorldVentures, who like to do business with a company that’s got its vision in place

Not Just Basketball Courts…

The WorldVentures Foundation has connections in all corners of the world, doing good things. In addition to building basketball courts in U.S. locales, this derivative of WorldVentures Holding LLC also supports clean water initiatives, cross-cultural understanding and economic development in developing areas of the globe..and has most recently teamed up with a Tucson-area pest control company to provide services to homes that fall short of sanitation and cleanliness standards.

They’re also a pioneer in the rapidly developing “VolunTourism” industry, which offers group vacations for travelers who want to travel with a social purpose. This program works in conjunction with their philanthropic efforts described above for a seamless experience for world travelers.

The focus of the VolunTourism program is on helping children, in whatever capacity that may entail. For example, travelers can choose to visit Peru and help build a basketball court for kids or assemble furniture for a school.

Another option is starting a recycling program in Costa Rica, building a tree nursery or painting buildings. There are also options for VolunTourism travel to Asia, Mexico, and Eastern Europe…all of which have programs to support children’s causes.

From Chicago basketball courts to schools in Peru, WorldVentures is proud to give back to the community and make the world a better place.