WorldVentures Foundation Teams With Hall-of-Famer to Give Back in Chicago

If what they say is true, and the hallmark of a great company is measured by the level of philanthropy it cultivates within its organization, then WorldVentures certainly makes the cut.

Last month, in partnership with The Nancy Lieberman Foundation and Sport Court, WorldVentures travel club unveiled a beautiful new state-of-the-art basketball court at the Morgan Park Boys & Girls Club of Chicago.

In keeping with their mission of corporate social responsibility, WorldVentures executives have once again shown that they’re committed to helping under-served communities around the globe. This time, it’s inner city kids in Chicago. Young lives will be positively touched by the generosity of the three partners who came together to make the court possible.

Hall-of-Famer Nancy Leiberman Lends Star Quality to Program

The WorldVentures Foundation is proud to work with the Nancy Lieberman Foundation on this project and others like it.

Her nickname was “Lady Magic” on the courts when she played for the WNBA (Dallas Diamonds), and toured the world with the Washington Generals, who are famous opponents of the Harlem Globetrotters. She was the youngest basketball player in Olympic history when she won the silver medal in 1976 in Montreal.

More recently she became the first female coach in the NBA, in 2009. As a hall-of-famer, Ms. Lieberman adds true star quality to the program with WorldVentures, as they work together to bring high-quality basketball courts to kids in underserved areas of the country.

Since 2010, the Nancy Lieberman Foundation and the WorldVentures Foundation have built 13 DreamCourts, from Atlanta to Denver and Austin to Nashville, and now Chicago this past October 2014.

The WorldVenture Foundation

It makes sense for a world travel company to be interested in making the world a better place. Philanthropic measures make an impact in so many ways…

  • on those on the receiving end of the charitable actions of the company
  • on the the employees of WorldVentures who like to work for a company that cares about more than profit
  • on the customers of WorldVentures, who like to do business with a company that’s got its vision in place

Not Just Basketball Courts…

The WorldVentures Foundation has connections in all corners of the world, doing good things. In addition to building basketball courts in U.S. locales, this derivative of WorldVentures Holding LLC also supports clean water initiatives, cross-cultural understanding and economic development in developing areas of the globe..and has most recently teamed up with a Tucson-area pest control company to provide services to homes that fall short of sanitation and cleanliness standards.

They’re also a pioneer in the rapidly developing “VolunTourism” industry, which offers group vacations for travelers who want to travel with a social purpose. This program works in conjunction with their philanthropic efforts described above for a seamless experience for world travelers.

The focus of the VolunTourism program is on helping children, in whatever capacity that may entail. For example, travelers can choose to visit Peru and help build a basketball court for kids or assemble furniture for a school.

Another option is starting a recycling program in Costa Rica, building a tree nursery or painting buildings. There are also options for VolunTourism travel to Asia, Mexico, and Eastern Europe…all of which have programs to support children’s causes.

From Chicago basketball courts to schools in Peru, WorldVentures is proud to give back to the community and make the world a better place.

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